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Nintex Form Repeater Section CSS

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I need to add a button to a form that contains seven repeating sections. I can't use the default "Add Row" text because some users may not have the ability to use a mouse. Only a keyboard. The tab key does not land on (focus) on the "Add Row" text.

So... that's why I need to add a button to allow Add Row to the form. I add the button and kick off a JavaScript to execute the add row. Problem is, it only adds to my first repeater section. I understand it's because the JavaScript need to point to a CSS Class for the Repeating Section. 

What are the steps to assign each repeating section to a different CSS Class?

I put DSOrepeater into the repeater Format/CSS Class.

I added a class to the Form Settings/Custom CSS. I didn't know what goes inside the curly brackets.

CSS Class:

.DSOrepeater {


I put in the .ms-addnew with that CSS class name in the Form Settings/Custom JavaScript.


function addDSOrepeat(){
NWF$("DSOrepeater .ms-addnew").click();

Lastly, I added a call to the JavaScript on the button client click:


In the JavaScript function, if I omit the DSOrepeater name, it add a row to the first repeater section on the form. 


I have spent a couple days trying to find how to do this, and have decided I need help on how to assign repeating section to a CSS (and possibly what goes between curly braces.)



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Nintex Form Repeater Section CSS

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Solved: I knew about case sensitivity, but I believe that was the issue. My CSS name has a capital letter and in my repeating section, I had used a lowercase. I fixed that and it now works.

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