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Nintex Newbie

Nintex Community Missions

I have questions about how to complete several of the missions on this community site.

Mission Success CriteriaQuestion
Follow an influential user to get important updatesHow do I determine who is an influential user?
A Nintex championHow do I become a Nintex Champion?
Participated in ten Nintex user testing sessions!How can I participate in user testing sessions?
Create your first social group...and start recruiting membersHow do I create a social group?

I have also completed a few missions that I am awaiting credit for. What is process for making sure I receive credit for completed missions.

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Re: Nintex Community Missions

Hi, Dean!

Great talking with you at InspireX!

Good quetsions!

If you visit your profile (click your avatar and then select "view profile" from the drop-down).

Then click "more" and then "reputation" from that dropdown.  Then "missions" under Activity and you'll see a list of all missions completed and incomplete.


Each mission is described by clicking the gear at the bottom right.

Follow an influential user meant to click someone's avatar or hover card and where it says "follow," you follow them in the feeds you select.

I don't have an "influential user" list, and if there is one, I'm not aware of it. If it's not working for any ol' member, let me know and I'll explore it. It does seem to be working.

Nintex Champions are the top-20 members of the leaderboard after a given year.  They are the lucky folks who wind up with a gold coin next to their name in the community.   Here's a pic of that:


Participating in ten user testing sessions hasn't happened since I came aboard! And I will go see if that out-of-the-box mission can be depricated.  I have some other thoughts on member participation. Once they get the green light, I'll be reaching out to involved community members like you to request your participation!

Creating a social group requires features of our community platform (such as "events" and "groups" that we don't employ.  Yet the missions associated with that in some cases can't be removed.  I can see why that would be confusing, and I apologize if you've spent a ton of time wracking your brain to figure out why you couldn't earn those badges.

The truth is, a couple of the out-of-the-box missions don't work as expected. I have some cases in to Jive on them, and I'll also be talking with them and people who provide our gamification console at a conference mid-March.  I hope to have things cleaned up shortly thereafter!

Hang with me, Dean. I'm very excited about your participation in the community this year. Should be a good experience!

All the best,