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Nintex 365 backup recovery model


We wan't to use Nintex in SharePoint online but has a question about backup/recovery in 365. If a sitecollection/sub site is getting restored from Microsoft support how is recovery of workflows handled in Nintex 365. Is this possible or is history lost for workflows and Items?

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Automation Master

Re: Nintex 365 backup recovery model

Workflows are provisioned to a particular object (site/ list/ library) thus when restoring a site with its contents workflows should be restored as well. However the "Designer" is not present on your tenant, but is a service delivered by Nintex. So although you should have currently published workflows in place, to edit them/ overwrite you still need to use ‌.

Workflows history and tasks is again kept within your tenant content database so if Microsoft recovers your SC or subsite successfully, all data should be recovered as well (list/ library items, attached workflows, etc..)


However the most protective approach is to handle backup of your workflows by your own - whenever you create and publish a new version of the workflow export it and store in a safe place, so if you need to recover it, just import the workflow.



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