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Nintex 2013 Workflow: How can I change the content type order in a list using the rest/soap api?

In a project site provisioning workflow I also need to create a dedicated document set library on another site collection. So far I've managed to:

  • Create the document library
  • Add an exisiting (custom) Content Type to this document library
  • Retireved the content type ID for 'Document' in this library

What doesn't seem to work is hiding the Document content type (so only the Document Set is available from Files/New Document) and/or making the Document Set content type default. For hiding the document content type I found a possibly solution with SOAP, but up to now it doesn;t seem to work:

  • /_vti_bin/lists.asmx
  • listName: <Title of the list> (also tried the list's GUID)
  • contentTypeID: a string workflow variable with the content type ID (0x0101.......) as used in the library
  • contentTypeProperties xml:  <ContentType Hidden="TRUE" />

Does anyone know how I can get my document set default and Document not visible?

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