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Need to create a Capital Budget Workflow with multiple nintex forms, what is the best way list or library? Is it possible?

For the last week I have been sitting down with VP's, CIO, CFO and CEO of the Health Organization discussing the needs around of Capital Budget. The user will launch the forms from one our sites, from here they will will start to answer generic questions to drive them down the correct path. Once the user has answered all of the questions and the data has been collected they will need the ability to review prior to submitting. Once the user has submitted I will need multiple list update with the user's input and a document created.


After the above is done the workflow starts, depending on the selections/input for the user, the first group will be notified to review the submission, if everything is captured correctly the will push it through if not the update with their input. If at any point the believe that this will also affect an area that was not originally identified they can add additional managers to review and proceed.


Once this above has been completed an email to a governing body needs to be sent, with an action if they believe it needs further review/input or can move onto the CFO. This governing body will consist of 5 individuals, if 1 says yes then it must be reviewed. During the review from the governing body they will have a single form that needs to be completed and the original documented that was created appended with this information. The CFO with review, update and send to the VP's for approval, if the VP approves it will take on of to paths but ultimately end after updating the original document.


My Questions:


1. Is it all possible?

2. Am I better using a list or a document workflow?

3. Depending on the selection, can the user hit next and bring up the correct form and back if they need to adjust anything?

4. Can they user review prior to submitting, make any changes and submit?

5. Is it possible depending on a key selection send them down a certain path for the workflow?

6. Can the manager assign a additional managers to review and add comments?

7. If the manager recommends it to go further, how would I create a task for the governing body?

8. How does the document get updated with all additional input?

9. How do I create a link within a list that can be clicked on to review the original submissions?



I may have additional questions after but if you see anything or need more input please feel free to ask, I am no developer but learning at a snail's pace since being tasked with Nintex.


Thank you,

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