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Nintex Newbie

Multiple approvers attach multiple files

Hello all.

I need to create an expense approval workflow which includes the following:

- there are many contributors/approvers in the workflow (as many as 12 Flexi Tasks);

- each contributor/approver fills in a particular part of the Form (~50 fields in total);

- contributors/approvers need to be able to add files (attachments) at their respective step/task and view previously attached files.

The solution should be based on SharePoint 2013 Foundation.

I would appreciate your advice on the approach. I have come to two options (others still welcome, though):

1. Do I use the List item Form only and try to restrict the editing of certain fields - this seems tedious with many rules and honestly diffucult, especially with dynamic approvers. Also, users will still need to go to the task and select an outcome (sounds like something to forget).

2. Do I use Nintex Forms for the task forms which will make it easier to control the disable/hide of fields? But in this case viewing and adding attachments is a challenge. During tests I got to a point where I extract the links to attachments and present them in a multi-line field on the task form. But adding attachments is a completely different matter. I saw a "solution" from Vadim Tabakman which is fairly complicated and not advised for a production environment. I thought I could add a button to the task form called "Add attachment" which will direct to the list item in a new tab, maybe only show the Attachments box with rules, and finally maybe have a "Save" button that can also close the tab so that the user returns to the task form. And I don't know JS.

Only writing this seems too difficukt so I'd be really glad to hear some opinions and advice.

Thank you!

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Multiple approvers attach multiple files

Just realized that an attachment control is present by default on the regular SharePoint task form...

How about that, Nintex!

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