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Multi Line Item Properties - Email Formating

I have an email notification in my Nintex Workflow via Sharepoint. I am inserting several Item Properties references within the email that are Multi Line Items.  These text items are only appearing for the first three and then no longer appear the text in the email on the following items. The attachment shows the references inserted. All red items starting with Safety Comments and below are multi text items. The second attachment shows the email that is coming through. The items circled in red are text entered in the multi line text. The IH elements also had text entered and saved successfully in the multi line text item but does not appear. If I insert Single Line Items it has no issues rendering the text.

Any work around for this?

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Multi Line Item Properties - Email Formating

are multiline texts rich text enabled?

or does they contain content that may resemble on a HTML markup? eg.  "xxxxx <some stressed text> xxxx"

it may well be issue on mail client side which (mis)interprets some content as a markup and not as a text.

try to send notification in a plain text formet and you will exactly see what's being received.

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