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Move - migrate 2013

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Just build a new SharePoint 2016 farm and installed Nintex Forms & Workflows, made a "default" installation (created new NintexContent database and mapped it to SP content Database etc. - so its all 'Empty* - a 'clean' install, and its running fine    

Instead of re-building the workflows, I now need to move all the "old" Workflows from the *old" SharePoint 2013 farm to the new SharePoint 2016 farm. 

What is the recommended approach for this? 

  1. Do I at the "SQL level" - create a backup of the 2013 'old' Nintex database and restore/overwrite the new Nintex 2016 content database?  
  2. Do I use a 3' party tool - like ShareGate, and manually migrate each list?
  3. Other suggestion? 

Anyone that can provide a "how-to" get this done the best way?   


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Move - migrate 2013

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if you want to maintain all running workflow instances and be able to continue them in the new environment you will need to move the databases. ShareGate is not able to help you here.

If this is what you need you can follow the steps described in the upgrade section for 2016: 

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