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Mobile repeating control labels

This is using the Nintex Mobile Phone layout operating on an Android device.

Office 365


We're testing out the Nintex mobile app, and one thing we noticed is that when adding items into a repeating section opens a new page on our phones showing giving us all the fields to fill out.  The problem is the new page does not display labels next to the fields so it's not instantly intuitive on what needs to be entered into each field.


Is there a way to display labels for that page?  The main Form can have labels outlining the order in which fields need to be filled out, but it doesn't carry forward to the second screen.




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Community Manager

Re: Mobile repeating control labels


This behavior is something I have noticed as well.  Let me do some digging to see what can be done.  I believe I know why this behavior happens, but I want to confirm it.

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Re: Mobile repeating control labels

Another problem along the same line:

When looking at the data in the "main form" the value of the first field in the expanded form is shown. How can I setup the form to show something more? I would like to be able to make some concatenation of the field values and show them in the table.

Is this possible?



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