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Nintex Newbie

Migration work arounds for on-premises to O365


Where do I find all the work arounds (with examples) for the unsupported actions and functions in 365? Actions we use on-premises that require work arounds:

  • Call web service
  • Execute SQL
  • Query LDAP
  • Query XML
  • Web Request
  • Copy item
  • Create item in another site
  • Delete multiple items
  • Set Item permissions
  • Action Set
  • Commit pending changes
  • For each
  • Build string
  • Collection operation
  • Retrieve data
  • Start workflow
  • Store data
  • Assign to-do task
  • Request approval
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Nintex Newbie

Re: Migration work arounds for on-premises to O365

Hi Joanne,

I have never seen such a page (or set of pages). Migration effort and options depend on the number of workflows and workflow actions used, and should be investigated case-per-case. Please also expect that for some on-premise actions there is no comparable action or workaround (at this moment at least).

Some related links:



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Migration work arounds for on-premises to O365

Yes, I realise that there are actions not supported in 365, such as 'Action Set'. However critical actions like 'query sql', query ldap', 'web request', 'set item permissions' etc better have work arounds or substitutes. However for the ones that do have a substitute or a work around, I'd like to find detailed info on how they are configured. The substitutes can be quite different to the 2010 version. And the few i've attempted to configure are much more complicated than the 2010 version. 

It will already be a time consuming procedure having to unpack 100s of 'Action Set' actions, UDAs, and child workflows, without having to spend considerable time understanding complicated work-arounds/ substitues. 

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