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Migrating workflows in a site template


I have always thought that Nintex workflows cannot be moved within a site template when creating a new site.  I thought the workflows that move with the site template must be deleted, and then a new version of the workflow must be created in the new site, with a unique name.

In other words, I template SiteA, which contains List1.  List1 has WorkflowA.  I create SiteB from the SiteA template.  List1 is in SiteB, as is WorkflowA.  I delete WorkflowA and then create WorkflowB, using an export created in SiteA.  All is well.

Yesterday, I created a new site from a site template.  I totally forgot about rebuilding the workflows, and started testing.  Everything worked perfectly, even though the old workflows were the ones running.

My question is:  Do the workflows that come over with a site template need to be rebuilt with unique names?  If so, why did everything run as expected when I failed to do so?

I know we had issues several years ago.  That's when we were told we needed to rebuild the workflows.  Has something changed?

We are using SharePoint 2010, Nintex version

Thank you for helping me understand!


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