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Microfeed - Email Alert

Hi all,

SP and Nintex 2013 on-prem

The team want an email alert when a new post is posted to a newsfeed web part aka microfeed:

A newsfeed list exists -

This appears to be a top level Microfeed list and is available when you use the action query list within a workflow.

However the actually posts appear under the title above (This l2 list guids seem to be the same):

How can I access the "sub list" to use its content within an email alert. I created a SPD item workflow so once there I know which fields I can reference to extract the actual post wording.

Nintex list workflow doesn't appear as an option on this list. That's OK as I can schedule a site workflow to check for new items.



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Re: Microfeed - Email Alert

Hi Andrew Wilkie‌,

If you want to pull the information of sub list from an existing list, you need a unique column present in both lists. Do you have any such column in your 2 lists. If there we can use Nintex site workflow to send emails.


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Re: Microfeed - Email Alert

No unique column in both lists. These are inbuilt SharePoint lists.

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Re: Microfeed - Email Alert

Hi Andrew,

this is only one single list. The "sub list" is actually a folder inside this list (you can see that if you change your view to include the "type" column). Thus you should be able to query these items by simply querying the list and setting the "Recursive" flag inside the query list action.

Quoted from the actions help: "Recursive - Check this option to query for items within folders and subfolders."

Best Regards


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Re: Microfeed - Email Alert

Thanks Philipp, I kept seeing the word folder in the url too.

This seems to work for new initial posts, yet I can't  seem to get the reply, maybe I need another query for replies?


Having just done a run now against the query I see the following:

 Andrew Wilkie said...
 Andrew Wilkie replied...
 <CDC xmlns:i="" xmlns="http://Microsoft/Office/Server/SPMicrofeedContentDataCollection"><a xmlns:d2p1="http://Microsoft/Office/Server/Microfeed"><d2p1:CD><d2p1:a>ContentUri</d2p1:a><d2p1:b i:nil="true" /><d2p1:c></d2p1:c><d2p1:d i:nil="true" /></d2p1:CD></a></CDC>
 This is my first post in my site beta newsfeed
 How about a reply

It's picking up all the detail, think I might need to do a for each ID ?

****update 2******

Working now with the following: The key is both query lists need to have the recursive option selected.


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