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Merge/Combine SharePoint lists

Hi Experts,


I have 3 different SharePoint lists representing 3 different steps in my process. I need to combine/merge all three lists. I heard it's possible though Workflows. Can someone throw some light on this?


If implementing different steps using different lists is not the way to do, please share the alternative.


Thank you very much.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Merge/Combine SharePoint lists

I used this kind of thing for a workflow involving external user to fill some informations.

My way to do this is :

- define wich of your lists is the "Master" (or create a specific Master list)

- add a field on each of the secondary lists, to store Master item ID

- then the 3 lists will manage their own items, but each of these items will be linked to Master item by this MasterID column

When you create a Master item, your workflow will create child items in child lists, with Master item ID prefilled.

Then the child items will live their life (forms to be filled, validation process,....)

At the end of your process, you will be able to agregate all the fields from the 3 lists, based on  the MasterID: every item with the same "MasterID" field is related to the same item !

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