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Nintex Newbie

Mass Send Reviews with Unique Descriptions & Approvers

I'm looking to send multiple review actions at the same time to unique approvers and with unique descriptions.  Consider the example below:

1JoeQuality Review
2BobMaterial Review
3JaneCustomer Notification
4MarkProcess Setup

When a new item is being processed for review, I'd like the workflow to create a review action for Joe with the description of "Quality Review",  a review action for Bob with the description of "Material Review", a review action for Jane with the description of "Customer Notification", a review action for Mark with the description of "Process Setup".

These four reviews are not dependent on each other, meaning Bob's review email should be received the same time as Joe's review email.  All request for review actions should take place on the item being processed, this way the review email contains the attachments to the item.

Currently, each request review and request task action are waiting for that task to complete.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Mass Send Reviews with Unique Descriptions & Approvers

Hello, Benjamin!

Here's how I'd approach it:

1) Parallel actions

2) Flexi-task in each branch

The question comes in with .. is it the same people each time? Or do you have a list somewhere that dictates the description and reviewer?

Otherwise, you'd need to get a collection by querying the list for the key item, then put each set into variables, and set your flexi-tasks that way.

Let me know if you have questions.



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Nintex Newbie

Re: Mass Send Reviews with Unique Descriptions & Approvers


I appreciate the fast response, and I will be trying this solution to determine how effective it is.  With that said, I do recall seeing a community post (can't find it now) that stated parallel tasks will lock on occasion.

Is there another workaround available while I test parallel actions?

Benjamin Smith

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