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Managed Metadata Site column Default value is not populating in List item on saving the Nintex form

I have a site column (Say "ColumnA") of Managed Metadata type.

Initially there was no default value for this column.

Now i have set its default value and updated the content type inheriting from this.

Now i go to the list and see in list settings for its default value and i can see default value for the column is there in the list column (So we have default value at both places at Site Column level and list column level)

Now if i create a new item on the list (Its a Nintex form implementation and managed metadata control is not there on form) and save the item then "ColumnA" value is not being saved in the list i.e. its default value is not populating in the item.


As soon as i put list column on the form (it may / may not be hidden) and save the form without making any changes to this control, default value is populating in the list item.

If i use the same column in other list and i don't have any Nintex implementation then it works fine.

Is it some bug or am i only facing the issue ?

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