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Manage changes to a form

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone can help with a solution i'm trying to put together.

I have created a solution which is used for onboarding new agents into our company. The solution is a great way to ensure all the appropriate steps are taken for onboarding, and also useful when someone needs to pull up information on a specific active agent.

However, as part of the solution, users want to have the option to make changes to two specific columns, which could possibly happen at anytime after the agent has joined (the columns are for contract changes). Of course, it's easy for them to just go back into the form and change them specific fields, but they want to keep a change log so that all previous data from this column can be previously found.


If anyone has any tips, ideas or done something similar i'd really appreciate the help!

Relatively new to Nintex.




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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Manage changes to a form

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In your list turn on versioning in the List settings > Versioning settings.
For the columns where you want to keep track of changes use Multi lines of text columns. In the configuration of the column choose "Yes" on "Append Changes to Existing Text".

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