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Mail Enabled AD Security Group Task Notifications



I have a mail enabled security group in AD which I have assigned to a flexi task.  The task gets created successfully however the members of the group are not notified?


I can see the e-mail address on the group which is correct.


If I tick create individual tasks then the notifications are sent out to each individual however this is not a clean solution as you see all the taks in the workflow history and it blows out the task list.


Does anyone have an answer as to why the members of the group are not receiving notifications?





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Re: Mail Enabled AD Security Group Task Notifications

Hi Jake,

The Flexi task action creates tasks. The action can either create a task for the group as a whole (so 1 task is created and any member of the group can respond), or individual tasks for each member of the group (so we determine members of the group and create a task for each).


The action does not currently include the functionality to "notify" members of a group if the group as a whole was assigned a single task. That is - the action creates tasks only. There is no separate functionality to notify users that a task was created for a group in which they are a member. The notification emails occur as a result of a task having been created.


So in answer to your question - "why the members of the group are not receiving notifications" - members need to receive individual tasks to receive any notification.


Members of the group will not receive notifications when the group as a whole is assigned a single task.


I recommend that you raise a feature request for this new functionality on UserVoice -

Once lodged, other users can vote on the functionality to raise its priority.



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