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Automation Master
Automation Master

Loop action workflow errors in SP 2013

Hello All,

I have a client on SharePoint 2013 who is encountering some strange behavior with the Loop Action for Nintex workflow. After spending some time unsuccessfully debugging the contents of that action (item creation, XML parsing, etc.), I looked to isolate the Loop Action itself and this looks to be the culprit.

To confirm, I built a really simple workflow which simple loops 5 times and ends.

This simple looping workflow works on my environment without fail, but for my client it fails intermittently on the second or third loop (see log above "TEST LOOPING ACTION failed to run"). Any thoughts on what would cause something like this?

We're in the process of ensuring they're operating with the latest patched version of Nintex Workflow (currently on, but I'd be surprised to see something like this was broken on any patch.

I've attached my workflow for context. It can be imported on any list. Thanks!

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