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List lookup control (cascading): selected drop-down value lost in edit or view mode

Hi folks,


The value selected in a lookup drop-down control (cascading is involved) does not show when the form is re-opened in view or edit mode.


Use Case:

An IT Service Request Form, where the assigned IT person must either be selected from a list of persons responsible for the department of the requester, or (in case the list of IT personnel is not up-to-date) entered via a people control. Either way, the UserId of the selected IT person needs to be stored in an existing column of the form's SP list.


My setup is as follows:


SP Lists:

  • "Companies":
    CompanyShortName, CompanyLongName
  • "Departments":
    CompanyShortNameLook, (lookup-column, displays also CompanyLongName), DepartmentShortName
  • "Contacts": 
    AssignTypeDept, AssigneeName, AssigneeUserID


Form Controls:

  • Lookup: [LookCompany] (binding: yes) 

selects "Companies", column: CompanyShortName

  • Lookup: [LookDepartment] (binding: yes)

selects "Departments", column: DepartmentShortName, filter: CompanyShortName=[LookCompany]

  • Formula:  [XassignTypeDept] (binding: no)

recalculate in view: no, in new&edit: yes

  • Lookup: [LookITcontactName] (binding: no)

selects: "Contacts", column: AssigneeName, filter: AssignTypeDept=[XassignTypeDept], multiple values: no

  • People: [inputITcontactName] (binding: no)
  • Formula: [LookITcontactUserID] (binding: no)


recalculate in view: no, in new&edit: yes

  • Formula: [ITcontactUserID] (binding: yes)

recalculate in view: no, in new&edit: yes


This works all just fine in new mode, the value of [ITcontactUserID] is properly stored in the respective SP list column. However, in case the IT person was selected via the Lookup [LookITcontactName], the Lookup Control does not show the previously selected person when re-opening the form view or edit mode.


[Nintex Forms 2013 Version]


Any ideas?

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