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List Lookup Control - Source List says "Loading - Please wait...."

Hi - not sure if this is the best place to post this or not. If it should be somewhere else, let me know and I'll re-post

I have a list on SharePoint that uses three lookup lists to dynamically filter dropdowns based on the previous dropdown's selection. I can add the List Lookup control to the Nintex form, but when I go to edit it, the Source List field says "Loading - Please wait..." and never changes. I am also prevented from editing the filter when I try to edit.

Overview of lists:

  • Primary list - source of all information
  • Product list - list of products that can be selected on primary list using a list lookup
  • Product-Capability Crosswalk - lists all of the capabilities for each product
  • Capability-Function Crosswalk - lists all of the functions for each capability

I added the List Lookup control to the primary list's form and configured it to pull the products from the product list, saved it and tested it. When I go to edit the control, the field "Source List" says "Loading - Please wait...." and never actual loads. This is preventing me from editing any other part of the control such as filtering or formatting - I click to expand the sections and nothing happens. I've tried clicking refresh but nothing happens. 

This is happening with each of the controls I am adding. Unfortunately, our system does not allow for any SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, etc. so I need to configure it using regular Nintex Forms features.

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