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LazyApproval reply (ApproverComments) without original task message being included?

By submitting a form questions are asked. In the workflow those questions are answered through a Revision Task for which I activated LazyApproval.

I have always found it quite logical that Outlook signatures, no matter how long these might be, get included in the registered reply. However, now I found that the orginal task message is also included.

Things get really messy when I then write the ApproverComments to the list column - in this case: "Antwoord":

LazyApproval reply

In the task message all form fields are included so I even truncated this example!

How can I prevent this from happening?

I thought about trimming the answer from the Signature on, in this case everything below "Met vriendelijke groet," but different colleagues will use different signatures. Compare "With kind regards" to just "Regards" etcetera.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: LazyApproval reply (ApproverComments) without original task message being included?

what about to look for From field of original message (Van: Mazars Workflow) which seems to be first line of original message and remove everything starting from its position?

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Workflow Hero

Re: LazyApproval reply (ApproverComments) without original task message being included?

Good idea, Marian! That is the next best thing.

For anyone interested, here's how I now configure the workflows where Lazy Approval has been used. After each outcome of the Flexi Task I add:

Match "Van: Mazars workflow" from the input {Common:LastApproverComments} with a regular expression. The output is saved to boolean variable.

If yes: a regular expression to extract all text before "Van: Mazars workflow" from {Common:LastApproverComments}.This is done with the pattern [\s\S]*(?=Van:\sMazars\sworkflow). The output is saved to a collection variable.

Followed by a collection operation to put the collection variable into a text variable of the type multiple lines of text (txt_Comments). The index is 0.

If no: This means lazy approval might or might not have been used. If it was used the original mail has not been included in the reply thread. Either way, the LastApproverComments can be used directly.

In this example I use a build string action (txt_Tekstblok) to write up my email to inform users of the outcome of the Flexi task. (All actions except Send email are hidden from the workflow status.) In the built string I am referencing either {WorkflowVariable:txt_Comments} or {Common:LastApproverComments}.

In other instances I will update the item (writing the comments back to a column) using these values.

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