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Workflow Hero

Keep history of workflows

What is the maximum limit to keep the history of a workflow that has run. It doesn’t matter if the workflow is approved/declined or cancelled. If the solution is to keep the history in some kind of archive database available through SharePoint 2010/2013 that would be acceptable.

For legel/financial reasons we would like to keep the history for more than 8 years.

Is there a difference of the functionality requested above between Nintex Workflow 2010 and Nintex Workflow 2013?

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Workflow Hero

Re: Keep history of workflows

On that aspect there are no differences btw those versions.

Remember you can have specific separated workflow history list for each workflow

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Re: Keep history of workflows

Workflow History is set to 30 days by default.

You can disable this:

If you go to CA>Monitoring

Review Job Definitions

Select - Workflow Auto Cleaup

and disable this

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