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Join List View Data Across Systems

How do you all join list view data?  For example, assume employee items have corresponding employee HR item and a corresponding employee asset item and we want to see all items in a list view or grid.  Here's a diagram showing the items relationships which are 1:1.


Our goal is to see a list view on a dashboard page joining the data from all of the lists similar to how we see list views in SharePoint

2-25-2016 6-51-31 AM.png

The joined data could be from a different site or site collection or even in a different system such as SAP.  My current approach is to use JavaScript and make REST calls to get the required data for each list starting first with the main list, Employee, in this case and then merging the data.  This requires JavaScript knowledge and I'm afraid I'll have to be the one setting these up and maintaining them for the business.

My hope is that someone has built a web part or a component, where this could be configured instead of having to write JavaScript each time I need to display list of related information.  I'd imagine that you could configure the different REST endpoints, how each data set is related and be able to configure the columns.

Thanks in advance,


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