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Nintex Newbie

Javascript for drop down in a Repeating Section


I have  a Repeating Section and there's a drop down in the repeating section. I am trying to write the Javascript for the repeating section but the code doesn't work just for the drop down. It works fine for the rest:

Here's the code:

The problem is with cssCountryPatentApplies. I have tried "undefined"  and  "**SelectValue**" instead of empty space but both didn't work. 

I would appreciate any kind of help on this

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Javascript for drop down in a Repeating Section

Sorry for the late reply.

If you replace this line:

var cssCountryPatentApplies = $row.find(".cssCountryPatentApplies input").val();

With the following one:

var cssCountryPatentApplies = $row.find(".cssCountryPatentApplies select").val();

It should work Smiley Happy

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