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Issue with Nintex Workflow Error Notification Configuration

I've a site collection called SC1. I've created a new site collection i.e. SC2 in same web app using backup of SC1 BUT in different content database & has different URL. I've used backup-spsite/restore-spsite PS commands to do so.

Now when I go into "Workflow error notifications" of SC1 (i.e. Site Settings --> Nintex Workflow), I see below settings.


When I specify another email address "" in SC1, it automatically updates the same in SC2 and vice versa.

In order to find out why this is happening, I opened a case with Nintex but they mentioned that when I restore the site collection using backup, after restoration I should delete the old site collection i.e. SC1 in my case. Now my users wants to keep both site collections. Are there any alternate solutions which I can use to resolve this issue?

I've checked some Tech Net articles and it was mentioned that I can keep both site collections as long as they are in different content databases because when I use backup-spsite and restore-spsite, it will assign a new Site Id to the restored site collection and will keep same Web Id & List Id and SharePoint configuration database will be storing Site Id.



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