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Is this the correct product?

Good morning

Hope everybody is well.

At present the company I work for are heavy on 'excel forms' which require cross departmental information.  For example if we setup a new product then we need Description, price, content, SKU number, size etc and this covers a variety of users.

I would like to get away from excel forms and create online forms using workflow.

Is this product the correct one for me?

2 points however also

1) The 'user' I have in mind to be creating the workflows is more process orientated than technical so workflow need to be easy to create

2) Later next year I am looking to implement sharepoint and I would like workflow to sit in here so ideally any product would able to integrate.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Is this the correct product?

Hi Stewart,

Nintex Workflow and Forms could absolutely help you out with your needs.

Because our platform is extremely user friendly when it comes to use and design, the designers and contributors do not need a lot of technical experience to be able to get a lot of it.

What type of workflows are you looking to build?

You can also get a demo scheduled by requesting one on the website or emailing us at and we can help you out.

Looking forward to working with you!


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Re: Is this the correct product?


Thanks for the reply.

To start with I will be looking at simple data capture workflows capturing master data for SAP erp however ultimately I intend to introduce Sharepoint into the business so would require something which can integrate into this then build further workflow from there.

I will drop a note to sales looking for costs etc.



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Workflow Hero

Re: Is this the correct product?

I've never used Nintex forms, but at our company we use SharePoint forms and use Nintex Workflows. SharePoint has workflows but we prefer using Nintex's because they are easier to create for users. We like Nintex's workflow designer. When using SharePoint workflows, you can't be a novice user to create them.

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