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Investigate the SharePoint ULS log files - troubleshooting deployments

This article is an excerpt from the Installation Guide: Nintex Workflow 2013 and Nintex Forms 2013.

Review SharePoint ULS log files

The SharePoint Unified Logging Service (ULS) log files may contain helpful information for troubleshooting issues with deployment of solution packages.

For example, the following error suggests a critical timer job error relating to internal SharePoint problems persisting objects to the database. These errors also mention 'update conflict' as experienced when attempting solution deployment. This underlying issue may be preventing solution deployment and should thus be resolved. Contact Microsoft directly for additional support.


“The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.

Server.Search.Administration.IndexingScheduleJobDefinition (ID xxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx) threw an exception. More information is

included below. An update conflict has occurred, and you must re-try this action. The object IndexingScheduleJobDefinition Name=Indexing Schedule Manager on servername Parent=SearchService Name=OSearch is being updated by DOMAIN\username, in the OWSTIMER process, on machine SERVERNAME. View the tracing log for more information about the conflict."

By default, ULS logs are located in the SharePoint hive. For example, the default location for SharePoint 2013 ULS logs is %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\MicrosoftShared\Web Server Extensions\15\Logs.

Note: For more information about ULS logging, see the following MSDN article.

In your review of the log files, search for logged information during the time range in which the solution was scheduled to be deployed.

To aggregate all log files from SharePoint servers

  • Use the Merge-SPLogFile cmdlet in a SharePoint Management Shell window.
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