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Nintex Newbie

Installing Nintex Workflow Engine

We are in the process of deploying Nintex Workflow in our SharePoint 2016 OnPrem Envirionment.  The installation failed due to a reserved field "Decision" that we had previously used in one of our Site Content Types for a Leave Calendar Request. 

Has anyone come across a similar issue?  Trying to figure out how to resolve it as this Content Type is alredy being consumed by numerious SharePoint Desinger Workflows associated with the leave calendar. 


I was somewhat surprised that a common filed like "Decision" would be consumed by the Nintex Workflow Engine - my thinking would be that they would come up with their own Custom Fields, something like ntxDecision.  Are we missing something. 


This is our first install - the Content Type was aleady part of our environment and is now blocking our install. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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