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Include approvers in repeating section


I have created a submission form which is used by the business for gaining approval on new purchases or services etc. The form needs to be flexible and allow the requestor to add multiple approvers/reviewers. Therefore I would like to include the approvers in a repeating section like this:

submission form

However, in the approval workflow, it throws an error "Error in request approval action. The user to assign the task to has resolved as blank text.". I'm thinking this is to do with how the repeating section passes the data as XML.

Is there a work around to what I'm trying to achieve, other than manually adding multiple "Submitted to" fields on the form?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Include approvers in repeating section


I think you have everything setup the way you need. For the workflow, what you will need to do first is grab the names from the repeating section, use regex to strip out just the name and or email, then use that as the assignee for a task.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><RepeaterData><Version /><Items><Item><Approver_x0020_Name type="System.String">i:0#.w|ext\eric.harris</Approver_x0020_Name><CalculatedName type="System.String">i:0#.w|ext\eric.harris</CalculatedName></Item><Item><Approver_x0020_Name type="System.String">i:0#.w|ext\jane.doe</Approver_x0020_Name><CalculatedName type="System.String">i:0#.w|ext\jane.doe</CalculatedName></Item></Items></RepeaterData>

You will see the Approver Name field that is pulling the value from people picker field. I added a calculated value to just show that the value coming out will need to be parsed using RegEx.

Use regex to get to just the name, not the "i:0#.w|ext\". Doing this will get you the first.last name or whatever your display name is built into. You should then be able to push that to the assignee field for a task or notification.

Here are some articles for repeating sections: 
Create Parent/Child items using this Nintex forms... 
Seeding a Repeating Section 
Show Repeating Section as table in List View 

Let me know if this helps.


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Re: Include approvers in repeating section


Thanks for the reply. I haven't tested your suggestion as I needed something up and running quickly. What I did was simply allow multiple responses in the 'Submitted to' field and added some text underneath 'you can select more than one'. This seems to work OK.

I would prefer your solution though as the repeating section is much tidier. I may revisit this later.



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