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Import excel sheet automatically

So there is a way to manually import a excel sheet into a SP list, but is there a way of doing this automatically.

So - Excel documents are stored in document library, then nintex workflow is run to pull the data in to the relevant columns on a existing list.

I have managed to use query excel services to pull one column correctly A2:A5, but as soon as I try and capture the next column A2:B5 all the results (variables) from column 1 and 2 end up in the first column.

Any ideas? Vadim Tabakman any ideas?

FYI- I want a way where scripts are not used.

When trying some WF-I received :The error:

Coercion Failed: Unable to transform the input lookup data into the requested type


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Re: Import excel sheet automatically

Hey Michelle,

I would have done it exactly the same way you are doing it.  The error looks like the format of the data you are getting is different that what you expect.

I think you'll need to run several queries.


then B2:B5 etc

You won't be able to get A2:B5, where it's a square of cells.  That's a 2 dimensional structure of data, but you are storing the data in a Collection variable which is only 1 dimensional.


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Re: Import excel sheet automatically

Many thanks Vadim

My Excel document contains text and date columns hence why I have put these into a collection.

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