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Images on a choice field

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Hi Friends,

I have a choice column with radio button interface. I'm using Nintex for modifying the look and feel of the document.

As per a client request, I would like to know if its possible to get images/icons instead of numbers? So my client wants to change this to something like this

I tried rendering the radio buttons as images, but I guess I couldn't find the option to change the button image and get the space alignment.

Is it possible? If so can anyone please advise?

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Images on a choice field

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faik you will need a workaround for this. I got two ideas.

  1. Simply place images over your text values. Stretch you choices so you have enough space between them for your images and place an image over the textfield. I admin this isn't the most beautiful/dynamic solution, but easy. In case the image will be shown underneath your text, right click the controls and use "Bringt to front" and "Sent to back" to let your image be on the top layer. Or insert some custom CSS and use the z-index property (reference: CSS z-index property )
  2. Use JS/Jquery to manipulate your control and replcae the text with images. See this as a start:



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