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Images not visible on Nintex Mobile (non-responsive design), but visible on other layouts (Desktop/iPad)


I'm building a Nintex Form and while I have gotten images to be visible on the Desktop/iPad versions of my form, when I preview the Nintex Mobile Tablet Layout from an iPad using Nintex Mobile the images are no longer visible. There is not a broken link icon, and I've tried adding borders and such to view where the image would be placed on the layout, but still can not see any trace of the images. I thought my issue might be due to the fact that the images are being loaded from an URL, but have not found a way to embed the images in the layout itself.

Has anyone else had this issue, or does anyone have any ideas on how to make images visible other than use the responsive build? (Using the responsive feature made the images automatically resize to huge proportions regardless of appearance/formatting constraints)


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