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Nintex Newbie

Image in Rich Text Control are not showing properly in Nintex Mobile

Hi everyone,


I'm new to Sharepoint for Nintex here. I'm creating a simple page which contains 2 images. These 2 images will redirect user to different URLs when they are clicked.


I used Rich Text control and edited it's HTML to display and add the "<a href>" tag for those images. However, After publish to Nintex Mobile, these 2 images are displayed as 2 small boxes in Nintex Mobile and the "<a href>" tags for each image are working. Does anyone has a workaround or solution to display the image?


My HTML script as below:

<div style="text-align: center;">                           
   <a href="" target="_blank">                                             
      <img src="" alt="HSB" unlockratio="false"/>   </a>                           
   <span style="font-size: 8pt;">​​</span>   ​​​​<br/><br/>   ​​                        
   <a href="" target="_blank">                                             
      <img src="" alt="HNGC" unlockratio="false"/>   </a>   ​<br/>​<br/>​<br/>​​<br/></div>


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