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Nintex Newbie

ID from parent item to pass to the child item

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Dear All:

I have a form with a list view (child list). I want to pass the ID of the parent item to include some data (including relation key) in case of new child element (that opens a new window with the child item form to fulfill data) and to come back to the parent element form when finish edition.

I think using Java I could store the parent ID in a session variable or something like that... but i don't know how.

The target is to have in the parent form the filtered child list in a list view control and to manage the child items properly.

I 'm not satisfied with the repeating sections due to several reasons, I'm trying to find other approach to solve this relationship.

Thank you very much in advance

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: ID from parent item to pass to the child item

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to handover ID between parent and child form you shouldn't need javascript.

I assume you create link to child new form on your own in some way. so it's enough just to append you custom token to the link like: &ParentID=1234

in child form you can read the value from URL with fn-GetQueryString() function.

do you need to refresh list view control on parent's for after you submit child form?

you might have difficulties to do that ...

have you though of creating a custom page with two web parts - list form web part for parent's form and list view web part for child items?

that might maybe suit you better.

see similar topic discussed here - Refresh List View without parent page reload 

listview sept2017mhfn-GetQueryString‌ master‌ detail‌ item url‌ token‌ calculated value‌ link‌  sept2017mh

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Nintex Newbie

Re: ID from parent item to pass to the child item

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Dear Marian:

It works fine!

As a result I have now a nice parent-child structure using List view control.  The target is to have data only in the child list (no repeating section) included in the parent form.

I have implemented some additional code to hide the "Add new element" from the child list, using a button instead. And from child form I back to the parent form using a calc value control with hyperlink to the appropiate parent ID: 

Thank you very much for your contribution!!