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How to use a single Nintex workflow attached independently to different SharePoint Online lists

I have several SharePoint Online (SPO) lists on the same site that all use the same relatively simple notification workflow process, so I have designed a single Nintex workflow to accommodate that process.  But how do I attach that single Nintex workflow to each of those lists?  In other words, when a record is added to List A, I need to execute Nintex Workflow 1.  Then, when  a record is added totally unrelated to List B, I need to execute that same Nintex Workflow 1.  And to List C so on (note that there is no sequence or relationship between the lists, I've just named them A,B,C... in this as an example).

I know how to export workflow and import it so that it is tied to multiple lists, but then it is seen as separate and separately-named and separately-maintained Nintex workflows, consuming more than one Nintex workflow license for each list.  Can't have that happen.  Otherwise I will have (making up a number here) 20 SPO lists, each with its own (but identical) Nintex workflow, and consuming 20 Nintex workflow licenses.

Thank you for any insight!

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