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Nintex Newbie

How to save a Lookup field in a collection


I am using a query to create a Collection of a lookup field.  The collection is called vCollTaskOwner1 with a type of collection.  When I do a count of the collection, I get 7 which is the expected result. 

Then, I am looping through the collection using a For each loop and Index is called index.  I am trying to save vCollTaskOwner1 into a variable called vTaskOwner1 - Single Line of Text.


However, vTaskOwner1 is coming up blank.  I am doing this for other columns in the same list that are defined as Single Line of text which works fine.  Is there anything special I need to do for Lookup fields?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: How to save a Lookup field in a collection

Hi Susie,

hmm, iterating through lookup fields should work pretty much the same way as other field types. This post is explaining the same scenario, maybe you can use it as a click through guide to check if there is something missing in your workflow?


Best regards


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