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How to resolve Error retrieving config xml for activity 'User Defined Action handler'

I have a workflow called 'RecognitionWorkflow' which I have been using successfully for over a year. However, recently, when I tried to edit the workflow, I receive the following error and can't see any of the activities that I know should be in the workflow:

Error retrieving config xml for activity 'User Defined Action handler' using adapter type Nintex.Workflow.UserDefinedActions.UserDefinedActionWrapperAdapter, Nintex.Workflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=913f5bae0ca5ae12.

The workflow still runs but I can no longer edit the workflow because of the above error.  I need to make changes to the workflow and don't want to have to re-write it from scratch.

I have made changes to the user defined actions that this workflow calls lately but all those changes were successfully republished. I can see all workflows using the most up to date version of the UDA when using the 'Analyze' action on the UDA.  However, when I look at the UDA and use the 'Analyze' action, I can see my problematic workflow listed as version 122 but the version that I see when I look at it through the form library I see version 119.

Screen Shot: The problematic workflow opening with the error message and no content (name is also showing up wrong)


Screen Shot: Version shown when publishing the UDA


Screen Shot: Version shown when viewing workflows on the Form Library directly


Is there a way to resolve this problem so that I can edit my workflow?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: How to resolve Error retrieving config xml for activity 'User Defined Action handler'

I ended up opening a service ticket with Nintex for this issue and they diagnosed the problem very quickly.  The problem turned out to be because I had used a UDA (User Defined Action) in my workflow and I had disabled it.  Once that UDA activity was disabled in the workflow, I could no longer open it for editing.  The solution was to upgrade to a later version of Nintex because this was a defect that had been fixed. Now using version v2.4.4.11 the problem is resolved.