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How to request a Nintex Hawkeye trial tenant

In this 2 minute video you'll see how to request a trial of Nintex Hawkeye that you can use to analyze and visualize data from your Nintex Workflows.

First, request a trial for Nintex Hawkeye

This will give you access to the Explore Tenant where you can view Dashboards that contain sample data and show what’s possible.

  1. Click this form to open the Free Trial form
  2. On the form select Nintex Hawkeye, Download and fill in your information
  3. When you receive the email with your Nintex Hawkeye Portal credentials click on the link to open the Nintex Hawkeye Portal

Second, in the Explore Tenant, follow the guided tour and once comfortable, click on the Request a trial tenant.

  1. You will receive an email that your Nintex Hawkeye trial tenant is being setup.
  2. When you receive a second email that your Nintex Hawkeye trial tenant is ready, click on the Access your new tenant button in this email to launch your trial
  3. Toggle between your tenants by clicking on your name in the top menu ribbon
  • Select the Explore Tenant to view training, support links and sample dashboards that show what’s possible with Nintex Hawkeye
  • Select your trial tenant to connect to data sources or view your own Lens dashboards

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