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How to remove Nintex ContentDB

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Occasionally it is necessary to remove a site collection from my farm which has an association to a Nintex database. I also want to remove the SharePoint Content DB and the Nintex ContentDB as well as any relational mapping in Storage, ContentDBMapping and Database tables.

What is the best practice for removing a Sharepoint 2013 Site Colelction that is using Nintex?


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Automation Master

Re: How to remove Nintex ContentDB

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To change the mapping for both existing and new site collections on a given SharePoint content database, use the NWAdmin operation MoveData. This operation moves existing workflow progress data to a different Nintex Workflow content database. Using this operation is helpful when you want to keep all site collection data together.

For instructions on how to implement a 1-to-1 mapping for an existing site collection already using Nintex Workflow, see Splitting existing SharePoint and Nintex Content Databases​. For more information on the MoveData operation, seeNWAdmin Operations - Nintex Workflow 2013

You can remove the mapping, but use NWAdmin PurgeWorkflowData and PurgeHistoryListData to remove site collection data How to purge large Nintex Workflow History list and dbo WorkflowProgress tablePurge Workflow Data - Reduce the size of the workflow progress database table

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