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Nintex Newbie

How to link directly to specific Tab on Nintex Form

I am currently using Nintex 2016 with SharePoint 2016. I have created a simple Custom Nintex Form that has a choice control across the top. The choice control is configured to Render as Buttons, and when in Edit/Display mode the feature works as expected. I then have a series of corresponding panels in the Form that have formatting rules to display the panel only when the corresponding button has been selected. This functionality all works as expected, however I would like to find a way to customize the URL so that when I send a user to the Editform.aspx?ID=<Item Number>, I can have the user be defaulted to the specific tab they should be working on at that stage (we have a series of custom tasks in workflows that drive the list item through its various business stages, e.g. Submission, Initial Review, Subject Matter Expert Entry, Manager Review, Completed). The information they need to enter on Subject Matter Expert Entry is the 3rd button, so how can I customize a URL to automatically drive a user to open the Nintex Form and have the 3rd button selected? I know you can use JS to define which control the mouse / cursor is active in when entering a form, but I haven't found a way to activate the appropriate option in the button menu to open the appropriate panel by default through a URL. I hope that was clear as mud, please let me know if you need more information or need to see specifics from the Form to assist, and thank you in advance!

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