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How to get lastmodified on SP Web using Nintex WF

Deal Folks

We have a issue with one requirement

1 A Web Application which is not active until 90 days Administrator need to get an notification

2. How to get Last Modified date  with Nintex Work Flow on any web application  please let we know

Any Sugg?

appreciated for support  on prompt responses

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: How to get lastmodified on SP Web using Nintex WF

Hi kedar,

i strongly recommend to NOT use a nintex workflow for that. If you would want to do this with a workflow, you would need to check every single item in your whole web application + evantually all the sites/webs itself for ANY changes in configuration etc.. This is nothing you should/can do with a single sharepoint workflow.

SharePoint offers some standard functionality for finding unused sites. Please have a look at this msdn article and see if it helps you.



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