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How to display Flexi Task outcomes on Form?

Hi, hope i've asked this in the correct place!

I'm fairly new to Nintex and I have created a Form & Workflow to record an approval flow.

I have a Flexi task action which can have up to 8 assignees (depending on values added on form). I would like to know the best method for displaying the outcomes of these tasks on the form itself rather than having to click through the workflow history page. (The form is printed when completed) 

I can set an action to date stamp after flexi task is approved, however this would only capture when all the assignees (approvers) have approved. I would like to capture each assignee individually.

Basically, when someone approves I would like the form to be date stamped next to their name. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,


This is the form with 8 people pickers. Users can enter as many as required.

Here is the workflow. The 8 people picker fields are entered as assignees in flexi task action.

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Re: How to display Flexi Task outcomes on Form?

Looking at other posts, am I best to create 8 individual tasks that all run in parallel rather than 1 task with 8 assignees? This way I can set an outcome field for each however this would look a bit messy and will require me to recreate/configure each task action. Will get messy also regarding looping if rejected.... Help!

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Re: How to display Flexi Task outcomes on Form?

Update -

I have gone down the route of creating 8 individual approval tasks. I set a 'Run Parallel Action' below my State Machine, then with 8 branches I have a Condition which checks if approver has a value (users can enter up to 8 approvers on form). If approver is set then it follows my original flexi task.

If approved, the workflow waits until all task are approved before finishing. If any are rejected I have a change state which sends the request back to originator who has to make a change on the form which then triggers another Change state which restarts the entire process...

Hope that makes sense.

Although it has made my workflow design plan quite large (horizontal scrolling) it was not as bad as I expected and is working as required nicely.


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