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Nintex Newbie

How to add hyperlink control to a repeating section

I need to allow individuals to add links on a repeating section item.   When trying to add the hyperlink control I get an error message.  Adding a multi-text box control with rich text and when viewing the form it is displaying as text.  Help!

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Nintex Newbie

Re: How to add hyperlink control to a repeating section

Hi Cheryl,


I believe we are talking about 2 different issues.


Hyperlink control inside Repeating section: Nintex Form doesn't support Hyperlink control inside Repeater. it will give you message - "The control cannot be added to the Repeating Section" during design time.


Multiline Textbox Control: I believe you have already configured Multiline Textbox control with property - Rich text - Yes. So when you use that form to create item, it should load as Rich Text Control. if not, can you please tell me which browser you are using? Which Nintex Forms version are you using?


Hope this helps.




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