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How to Terminate workflows which are running more than 60 days on sharepoint Lists

Hi All,

I have a requirement to terminate the workflows those are running on couple of SharePoint lists and libraries from more then 60 days.

I want to add a new site level workflow for clearing all these as there are 5 to 6 libraries and lists to terminate the workflows.

i tried with call web service action with Terminate options available (3 options are available to terminate). But nothing seems to be worked. And there is no Terminate workflow action is available in site level workflows. I tried on list level workflows with terminate workflow action which is working really great.

When i used Call web service action (to terminate workflows as shown above image) on site level i tried to log the history of terminated workflows item ids & i can see in log history that couple of workflows are terminated for list items. but when i go and check in side the list items the workflows are still running nothing happens to them.

Can some one please help to fix this issue ? Thanks in advance.

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