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How do I upload files submitted from an infopath form?

Hello Nintex Community,


I am building a site provisioning workflow, and after the site is provisioned,  I  need to upload the files submitted from an InfoPath form to a document library.Does anyone have any advice or knowledge to share?

I would appreciate any help you can give...




Paul Gemme

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Re: How do I upload files submitted from an infopath form?


This is a great question... If you are using an existing site to store the request, you should be able to capture the URL of the new site that is being provisioned, store that information into the variable and then pause the workflow, have it wait for say 1 hour or however long it takes your site to provision; then copy the documents to the Shared Documents library if the URL can be captured etc.

The key would be keeping your naming convention consistent to predict the URL of the site and document library.  Because it does't already exist when you run the workflow you have to use a variable to capture that. 

OR, just thought about this, you could pause it, wait for a period of time, then do a web service call that would  copy the documents to the Shared Document library.  The web service could take the variable, get the URL, and do all of that at one time based on some values pre-entered.

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Re: How do I upload files submitted from an infopath form?


Thanks for responding to the post.

I guess the part I'm having   a difficult time figuring out is - how to capture the name of the site being provisioned  in a variable, and also how do the files attached to the infopath form  get retrieved?

The submitted form is using "Customer Name"  as the name of the new site being provisioned.

The files are attached to the Infopath form, so they are not residing in a Library.


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