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How do I transfer the Outcome(s) of a multiple choice field from one form(and Workflow) to another

Hi Nintex Community, 

I'm in a bit of a pickle currently so i apologise for the possible dumb question to follow,

I have two forms and two workflows.

Form 1 is an application for, where there are a few free text, single choice and multiple choice(check boxes) fields, that all works fine, so does the workflow attached to it... its the second form (and subsequent workflow) that is annoying me somewhat. the second form is the application assessment form... I have previously had them as one big form and workflow, but for reasons we've now separated them out.

Form 2 is created based on the inputs of Form 1, only this time, there is a second section, the 'assessment' section that has been bolted on to the original form, but for some reason the Multiple Choice(check boxes) never populate, despite the SharePoint list showing that it has content... what am i doing wrong?

I've tried replacing the multi choices with rich text and inserting the column into that, but the issue I have there is it shows up as comma separated and Id love it to be separate lines(like a list).

any help you can provide would be amazing!



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