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Help with a Document Signoff System - (AD Groups to individual records)

Hi Guys,


I am really hoping you can help me.


I am trying to write a Document signoff process consisting of two lists, 'Documents' and 'Responses'.

The 'Documents' list consists of three columns 'Title' (Plain Text), 'Distribution' (People or Group) and 'Attachments' (where you can attach the documents to be read).

The second list ('Responses') has the columns 'Title' (Plain Text),  'Responder' (Person) and Response (Yes/No).


I would like to create a workflow which after a 'Documents' record is saved, it parses the 'Distribution' groups or names and creates a record for each individual in the 'Responses' list with a 'Response' value of "No".


After the user clicks on the approval I want to update that response to a "Yes".


I am sure this is relatively simple when you know how but I have been searching for a couple of days with no luck.  I would really appreciate some assistance.


Thanks for your time & regards,


John Ortt

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Re: Help with a Document Signoff System - (AD Groups to individual records)


This seems like a pretty cool system, but why are you using two separate list?  Wouldn't the standard versioning and comments on the actual document take care of the capturing of responses for you?  Also if you use the approval on the library or even use a "Assign a Flex-Task" you can change the outcomes to be yes/no if you want to do the exact same things.

You can also assign the task to review/read to a group and each person gets a task.  You can then track each persons response also if you want as updates to that document or to the task.

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Re: Help with a Document Signoff System - (AD Groups to individual records)

Hello Eric,

Could what you are describing in your post also be applied to a Document Acknowledgement process?

I have the requirement where we need staff members on an annual basis to read a series of company policies and either acknowledge or reject the policy.

We need to have either an email go out to the staff member of have a modal window open up in SharePoint directing them to read the policies.

We then need to track the date they read the policy, who they are and whether the accepted or rejected the policy.

I am hoping that you can provide some insight and expand on your post above in order to help point me in the right direction to achieve the task assigned to me by the business.

Thanks Eric 

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