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Nintex Newbie

Get values of REPEATING SECTION in a Nintex Form

Hello to all,


I am using SharePoint Online 2013, I am a new user of NINTEX, I have a SharePoint list with a multiple repeating section data form, I want to get multiple values in a variable with separation by space between each values or make a return to line between each values.


Thanks to all for reading this post,

And Thanks a lot for the person who have advice for me !! ^^


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Get values of REPEATING SECTION in a Nintex Form

@VijayAntoine need to store your repeating section(s) in each MLT SP columns (make sure it's plain text). After this use query XML in the workflow and use your MLT columns as source. Get the XPATH of fields you need and store them in collection variables. Using For loop and build string manipulate them as per your requirement.

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