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Nintex Newbie

From with Workflows to generate data from Excel to PDF or eMail

Hi everyone, I'm new to this tool.
I'm hoping some of you non-beginners can help me with some best practice solutions for the following.

My agency wants me to use Nintex for SharePoint to create a form with workflows that will generate data (based on the users selections) from an Excel spreadsheet into an email to the user or a PDF pop up. 

Basically the user will fill out the form, click submit and get their data results back in email or pdf form.

Can anyone help with the best practice solutions for something like this? 
Work flows, order in which to use them, variables, rules... any assistance would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance!
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Nintex Newbie

Re: From with Workflows to generate data from Excel to PDF or eMail

I'm a little confused by the Excel spreadsheet part, but in regard to setting up a workflow to email data from the list item, that's very easy.


You would create a list workflow that runs when a new item/form is submitted. The workflow would only need the Send Notification action, which you would use to build out the email.


In the body of the email, you would insert references to the list fields (Item Properties) so that the data from the list would be automatically pulled into the email.


The one thing you would definitely want to confirm on the form is that the submitter has a valid email address. So, if the user is internal to your organization, you could pull the email address from the user profile, but if the submitter is external, you'll want to include an email field and maybe put some regex validation on it to test for the email format.

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