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Forms: Choice control from commaseparated list in supporting list

I have the following scenario:


I have a form where people can make requests for different kinds of clothes. In the list that holds the request I have a field that is a lookup to another list that contains each of the different kinds of clothes that is available. The lookup allows for selecting multiple values.


My challenge is this:

When the user checks of an item, I need her to also enter the size needed. So I would like a field to appear/be enabled to the right of each checkbox when the corresponding checkmark is checked.


I have tried to illustrate this in this little picture:


By the way: The available checkboxes are filtered based on the "Personel type" selected.


Basically I think this is a fairly reasonable request and I suppose a prettye common one, but I cannot find a way to get there :-/


Any ideas on how to accomplish this?




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